Dispute Resolution

Boundary disputes can cause significant problems for property owners. If you’re currently involved in a boundary dispute, you may be stressed that you’ll lose property that you rightfully own. If you’re unable to prove the precise boundary lines associated with your property, it can result in loss of considerable assets.

Our team of experts at Power Surveying Company, Inc., has over 70 years of experience with property boundaries. We have the expertise that can help you reach an amicable resolution. Below, let’s take a closer look at some of the dispute resolution services that we offer:

Expert Review

In many cases, Power Surveying Company, Inc. is used to provide expert review of previous surveying work. If you feel that a past surveyor incorrectly assessed your property, our team can offer a second opinion on the matter. We can also represent both government and commercial authorities that need expert analysis on a surveyor’s previous assessment.

We provide staking data reviews, compliance reviews, procedural reviews, and more. We also help assess if generally accepted standards of practice have been followed. In many cases, our expert assessment is relied upon in court. We provide expert testimony on behalf of our clients.

We’ve worked with commercial clients, private property owners, and government agencies. If you require an expert’s assistance, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.


If you’re unable to reach an agreement about a property dispute, it may be time to use a mediator. A mediator can help you resolve a property issue without the nuisance of heading to court. It’s critical to choose a mediator that has expertise in property disputes so that you can carry out an effective property mediation.

Mediations often reduce the cost and length of a property dispute. They don’t involve the enormous costs of legal representation, court fees, expert witnesses, and more. Mediation also gives you the option to keep your dispute private. This is a critical benefit if the disagreement is sensitive.

We’ve worked with private clients, commercial organizations, and lawyers to mediate property disputes throughout Colorado.

Expert Witness

If your property dispute heads to court, there may come a time that you require an expert witness. Expert witnesses are individuals who have considerable expertise or experience in a particular niche. As property surveying experts, we’re uniquely positioned to provide testimony in property dispute cases.

Not only can we provide an expert point of view within the courtroom, but we can also prepare a “Surveyor’s Report” for your case. We’ve provided expert witness services to individuals, attorneys, organizations, and government agencies.

Court Exhibit

We can provide detailed exhibits to assist with property-related court cases. We’re also happy to provide additional images to the exhibit if you have special requirements. If you’d like more information about the types of exhibits that we provide, make sure to get in touch with our team.

Property Line Agreements

A property line agreement can be a useful tool to avoid future boundary disagreements with a neighbor. If there is currently a dispute, or there are gaps or overlaps present at your boundary, a property line agreement is an effective way to avoid conflict and protect your interests.

At Power Surveying Company, Inc., we can help you develop an effective boundary agreement. We can also advise you regarding prospective boundary agreements to ensure that your best interests are represented in the contract. It’s often a good idea to seek the opinion of a property expert before you sign any agreements.

Cooley Doctrine

While a former judge initially established the Cooley Doctrine in 1881, it is still considered applicable throughout most of the United States. In fact, this “doctrine” is cited in many property court cases throughout the country.

The Cooley Doctrine upholds the belief that shifts in the layout of subdivisions must prioritize avoiding disruptions to the “integrity” of the local neighborhood. Fortunately, our team at Power Surveying Company, Inc. has the required expertise to apply the Cooley Doctrine in a legal context.

Contact Us to Discuss Your Dispute

If you’re currently having a dispute with another property owner, it’s critical to obtain expert advice as quickly as possible. Leaving yourself in the dark may be harming your case. It could potentially cost you dearly in the future. Our team of surveying experts is always on hand to help you understand your dispute and your rights.

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